NEW: Global Cohort Planning Committee

By Kate Carroll

Good morning Globonauts!

Though I absolutely adore my fellow P/J Globetrotters, I wanted to make it clear that ALL staff and students are welcome to attend any (or all!) Global Cohort Planning Committee meetings and events!

Our first event — a board-game/ potlatch —  was a huge success. There was so much home-made food and tons of board games AND we collected 18 items of food and 55 articles of clothing…see our beautiful model Victoriah 😉

Our second event…the Trivia night…was a blast. Thanks to Sara and Elise for creating some pretty difficult questions.

Can YOU name all of the countries that end in -stan? (Hint: There are 7)

BUT there was only one attendee outside of P/J Global. Please come on out to our next event OR if you want to help us plan our next adventure, send me an email (

global committee

If you need some encouragement, I will let you know that the one attendee outside of Global P/J (woot woot Kenny from ICI) was the winner! He received a $25 gift certificate to Starbucks AND a volcano making kit!

I am so excited to meet you all!


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