Coats for Christmas: A Teacher Candidate’s Global Initiative


Photo: Some of the younger nuns at the Monastery – always smiling.

Coats for Christmas Fundraiser – A Student-led Initiative

By Danielle Horth, Teacher Candidate, FSL Cohort

As emerging teachers we have the common interest of educating and providing mentorship to our youth, as well as the desire to help build a better future for all.

 This Christmas I challenge you and your cohort to put a WINTER JACKET donation on your Christmas list for a Nepali in need.

 $10, $15, $20, $50 or $100 of giving, the amount does not matter, give what you can…what counts is your support!

Give a gift that counts! Click HERE to donate.

If you cannot donate this Christmas, or choose to support another charity, I ask you to please share this post.

My Story…

After teaching internationally, specifically to students affected by poverty, I found my passion and applied to the Bachelor of Education Program at the University of Ottawa. This experience has inspired me to share my gratitude, philanthropic endeavours and desire to educate for global citizenship. I hope my story inspires you to share yours, to advocate, to promote generosity and to encourage the value of community and compassion in your classrooms.

2013 – International Teaching

My partner travelled to Bigu Nepal through the Himalayan Guge Organization an NGO to teach English as a Second Language. He taught at the Tashi Chime Gatsal Gumba nunnery, housing over 70 women and children who have faced abandonment and poverty.

2015 – Earthquake

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal killing nearly 9,000 people, injuring over 22,000, destroying over 600,000 homes and leaving hundreds of thousands to face extreme poverty. The earthquake destroyed the nunnery, demolishing the majority of its infrastructure, including homes, meditation centres, the school and its library, forcing the nuns to evacuate.

         Photos: Tashi Phuntsok, Founder of HGO visiting the nunnery after the earthquake. 

2016 – Earthquake Relief Fund

My partner and I launched a successful fundraising campaign that raised $1,361. We were overwhelmed with the generosity and support from community members, friends, and family who helped us reach our goal.


Photo: Women and Children receiving their hats and sweater from the 2016 Fundraiser.

2017 – Volunteering to Teach English Alongside a Nepalese Teacher

We trekked to the Bigu Nunnery through HGO and volunteered to teach English. I worked alongside a Nepalese teacher to deliver curriculum content to adult, senior/intermediate, and primary/junior learners. In March we purchased and delivered hats and sweaters to each nun from the money raised thanks to YOU!


Photo: Our class.

Today, the reconstruction continues, but I am happy to announce that all the nuns have safely returned home and continue to receive an education. As educators, let’s come together this Christmas and give a gift that counts by supporting Coats for Christmas!

For more information on the 2015 earthquake and the Himalayan Guge Organization, please visit our Go-Fund-Me page.

Thank you!

Nun bedroom






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