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Global Ed Cohort Orientation Sept 2017

Become an Active Member of our Community of Inquiry

Teacher candidates and professors in the Global Education Cohort are encouraged to actively participate in our community of inquiry by sharing your ideas, resources, and curricula related to global education.

Content might include: curriculum materials you have designed as part of course work or during practicum; snapshots from the classroom; student or professor profiles; resource reviews; and articles about events, issues, initiatives, programs, or projects you would like to share with others.

To Submit:

Email your contributions to:

Please include the following: your full name; contact email address; a title for your submission; photos, videos, and/or other visuals (if possible); and suggested tags for your content (e.g., subject area(s), grade level(s), issue, topic, etc.).




Photo Info: 1) Tweet by Caitlyne Brewer at talk by Dr. Sheema Khan; 2) Professors in the Global Education Cohort at Dr. Richard Maclure’s talk on Global Education; 3)Dr. Richard Maclure’s talk on global education; 4) Poster for 1 Million Teachers presentation; 5) Slide on global citizenship from the Aga Khan Foundation workshop for teacher candidates.