Spring Webinar Series (TCC) March 15-18, 2021

The Teacher Candidates of Colour (TCC) Collective have organized a Spring Webinar Series taking place next week with several incredible speakers. These workshops are intended for teacher candidates and graduate students. For more information about each session, and to register, go HERE.

The focus of this series is explained as follows on the TCC event website:

“The Teacher Candidates of Colour (TCC) Collective, is excited to announce the Spring Webinar Series beginning March 15-18, 2021. The Spring Webinar Series is made possible with the support and funding from the Vice-Dean of Governance and Student Affairs, Dr. Francis Bangou’s office.  Our series will feature four speakers, each speaking on a different evening (i.e. 6pm or 7pm EST), to provide teacher candidates, graduate students, and teachers an opportunity to learn and (un)learn. Our esteemed speakers will speak on a variety of topics: Teaching Indigenous Histories, Microaggressions in the Classroom, Building Community in the Math Classroom, and Black Canadian Counternarratives in the Classroom.  We are thrilled to begin our session with our keynote speaker, Frankie Cote!”

See you there!


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