A Teachable Moment On Islamophobia: Workshop for Educators Nov. 1st

A Teachable Moment on Islamophobia

Leader: Ihsaan Gardee from the National Council of Canadian Muslims

This workshop explores how Islamophobia may be impacting our schools and classrooms. Beginning with an overview of the term Islamophobia and an exploration of some common myths about Islam and Muslims, the workshop examines how Muslim children are impacted by the negative public discourses about their faith. The workshop provides case studies, resources, and recommendations for administrators and educators to support efforts to promote equity and inclusion and to ensure schools and classrooms remain safe environments for all.

DATE: Thursday, November 1st

TIME: 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Limited to 30 participants.

Presenter: Ihsaan Gardee is a graduate of the University of Windsor and the University of Western Ontario. He has been involved with the NCCM for several years. He joined the organization in 2006 as Community Relations and Operations Director. In October 2008, he took the helm of the organization as Executive Director.

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